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Quattroscleroterapia - method of removal of varicose veins and vascular asterisks

Quattroscleroterapia or "Sclerotherapy in 4 hands" - an innovative method for the removal of varicose veins and vascular asterisks on the lower limbs, conducted simultaneously by two specialists phlebologists.


Phlebologists Semenov A.Yu. and Kalachev II during quattroscleroterapii

The main advantage of this method is the reduction of the time of sclerotherapy in 2 times. It's no secret that sclerotherapy is a rather painful method, especially in women with low pain threshold. Very often, pain is exacerbated during PMS. Skin sensitivity is an individual feature of each person. To understand how the patient will undergo the procedure of sclerotherapy is possible only during the first session.


Phlebologists "MIFTS" at work

Quattroscleroterapia significantly accelerates the process, thereby reducing unpleasant and painful sensations in patients with increased sensitivity of the skin during the procedure.

There is no need for routine use of quattroscleroterapii in the everyday practice of the phlebologist. However, in exceptional cases, it is vital.

Posle sklerotherapii

After a successful procedure, quattroscleroterapii

Phlebologists "MIFTS" quite often use Quattroscleroterapiu in their practice. It's like playing the piano in 4 hands - beautifully, qualitatively and permanently remembered by the patients.