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Treatment of varicose veins in Smolensk and the Smolensk region

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Antipov Alexey Alexandrovich - Head of the branch in Smolensk, leading specialist "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center" in Moscow, a surgeon, an endovascular and aesthetic phlebologist, an expert in ultrasound diagnostics of the veins of the lower extremities.

Full member "Russian Society of Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons" Moscow, "St. Petersburg Association of phlebologists" SPSP, Saint Petersburg.

The possibility of access of patients from the regions of the country to modern technologies and innovative methods of treating varicose veins can be clearly seen from the increased level of rendering this assistance in Smolensk and the Smolensk region for the last 15 years.

The opportunity to get highly qualified help to the inhabitants of Smolensk without visiting Moscow, St. Petersburg and far abroad appeared after the beginning of work of Moscow phlebologists from the leading Moscow phlebological clinics first in Smolensk, and then in the region.

Endovasal laser coagulation in Smolensk.

Compression sclerotherapy in Smolensk

At the initial period of phlebological care, the methods of non-surgical removal of varicose veins and vascular asterisks - sclerotherapy (sclerotherapy) and microsclerotherapy - were very actively used. Now these methods are considered gold standard treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities in Russia and Europe. The volume of assistance was quite significant. For the first 2 years, about 5000 patients with good therapeutic and cosmetic effects were treated. In the future, the number of treated patients only increased. High medical and cosmetic effect, minimum restrictions during treatment, not high cost, the possibility not to interrupt their production activities - all this was very pleased residents of Smolensk and the Smolensk region.

Later, the volume of phlebological care was expanded due to small outpatient operations under local anesthesia (miniblebectomy followed by sclerotherapy, and then sclerotherapy during surgery). This allowed to render assistance in the conditions of a polyclinic, without hospitalization, without anesthesia to patients with more serious venous problems (treatment of the main varicose veins).

But a revolutionary breakthrough was the use of modern ultrasound scanners of the latest generation (Esaot MyLab One) when consulting patients. This allowed a whole order to increase the accuracy of diagnosis and the ability to clearly recommend a particular method of non-surgical treatment of varicose veins. It is very important to note here that ultrasound diagnostics is carried out directly by our phlebologists who have undergone special training and are ultrasound experts on venous pathology in the lower extremities.

All of the above allowed to successfully start in Smolensk specialists from "Medical Innovation Phlebological Center" to carry out the most highly technological treatment of varicose pathology on the lower limbs - Endovasal laser coagulation of varicose veins according to German technology Biolitec using radial fibers. This method of non-surgical treatment allows coping with varicose expansion of large diameter, with complicated forms of the disease (trophic changes of the skin - eczema, trophic ulcers, thrombosis and varicothrombophlebitis) in patients, and patients who, for one reason or another, are contraindicated with anesthesia (anesthesia or spinal anesthesia). This manipulation is carried out under the strict control of ultrasound scanner, does not require cuts (even small ones). In the lumen of the varicose vein, a thin light guide is absolutely painlessly injected, several anesthetic injections are made along the veins. After a full ultrasound examination, a high-energy laser beam is formed at the end of the fiber, formed by a modern laser generator, which gradually destroys the varicose vein. The light guide is removed from the puncture on the skin, a special professional compression knitwear (which is pre-selected by the doctor) is dressed on the foot and the patient is recommended to walk for an 1 hour. In the future, the patient does not fall out of the usual rhythm of life, while maintaining its production activities.


Surgeons are phlebologists Semenov A.Yu. and Antipov AA in Smolensk

In September 2016, an agreement was signed between the Smolensk Medical Center Clinic Park and the Innovative Phlebological Center MIFTS under the leadership of Semyonov A.Yu. on joint activities in the field of innovative phlebological care for residents of the Smolensk region. Already today, patients receive high-tech medical care for various venous pathologies of the lower extremities directly in Smolensk, as well as in Safonovo and Yartsevo.

The leading phlebologists of Moscow based on the medical center Clinic Park modern ultrasound diagnostics of varicose veins pathology, as well as minimally invasive methods of treatment of varicose veins, such as laser endovasal obliteration according to the German technology Biolitec.

In addition, specialists phlebologists MIFTS modern foam sclerobliteration of varicose veins and vascular "stars" is performed. The essence of the method is very simple: a special drug (sclerosant) is injected into the varicose veins by injection, which leads to obliteration of the vein. The injected foam-like sclerosant evenly fills the varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is almost painless, because the thinnest, laser sharpening needles are used. The duration of one procedure is twenty minutes on average. The entire course of treatment consists of several procedures (an average of 3-5 sessions) that are performed on an outpatient basis. After each session on the patient's foot, a special compression stocking for sclerotherapy is worn. Therefore, there is no need to wear problematic elastic bandages. Compression is an obligatory component of sclerotherapy, from the correct application of which the final result depends.


After laser surgery in Smolensk

Of course, do not forget that the effectiveness of any technique depends on the experience of the surgeon. In the center Clinic Park Moscow doctors-phlebologists from "Medical Innovation Center of Phlebology", through the hands of which for thousands of patients for many years.

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