Common misconceptions for the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities


  1. What do patients think about new treatments for varicose veins?
  2. The first error is that the classical operation is more reliable than the laser one.
  3. The second misconception is that laser surgery is expensive, and traditional intervention is free.
  4. How is the laser operation in our phlebology center?

What do patients think about new treatments for varicose veins?

Until now, despite the widespread use of laser and other endovenous techniques for thermalobliteration in physicians in most specialties (especially surgeons operating with the open method), there is a prejudice against this procedure. These misconceptions lead to incorrect informing of the patient who turned to such a doctor, as a result of which this skepticism is passed on to a patient who is sent instead of a low-traumatic and cosmetic laser procedure for an open operation under anesthesia.

patients misconceptions about the treatment of varicose veins

Most often, these errors come from the lack of personal experience with laser equipment (most of the information comes from "third", the same incompetent persons), as well as the absence of real patients treated on laser equipment and monitoring them. That is, all problems stem from the lack of simple educational literature, although the Internet has a huge number of scientific articles (mainly in the foreign press) on this issue. Let us consider in more detail why this is so, namely the main errors of doctors.

The first misconception is that the classical operation is more reliable than laser:

Why do many patients believe that open surgery is more reliable than laser surgery. The surgeons of the "old school" have the saying "a vein in the hand (that is, pulled out of the body) is never recanalized. Yes, indeed, the removed vein fragments cannot be restored, nevertheless, for example, neovasculogenesis (growth of neovascular vessels) within 5-10 years after surgery can lead to the reappearance of varicose veins in the area of ​​safeno-femoral anastomosis - the truth is, surgeons do not love to talk.

Reality: the reliability of the laser operation (with the observance of technology and the experience of the surgeon) is now approaching 100%. This became possible due to the accumulation of significant experience in the use of these technologies and the continuous improvement of laser technology. Currently, the most "advanced" are water-absorbing laser devices (with wavelength 1470 or 1530 nm) in combination with the use of a radial type of light guides (which shine "around" the tip of the fiber, and not forward, like the end type) (* I want to note that in our clinic we work ONLY on the latest and modern equipment). The use of modern equipment and technologies leads to a qualitative and safe damage to the venous wall from the inside, as a result of which the patient, afflicted with varicose veins, is completely "brewed" and the blood flow is blocked through it. What happens to the vein, after that? Within about 6 months, the vein turns into a thin connective tissue tissue, indistinguishable from ultrasound from surrounding tissues (cellulose and surface fascia structures). No ultrasound specialist will be able to find a laser-operated vein in 1 year after surgery.

The second misconception is that the laser operation is expensive, and the traditional intervention is free:

For some reason, it is believed that laser surgery is unavailably expensive, and simple surgical intervention is done for free and with a quota.

Reality: remember how much time, effort and nerves you need to spend in order to get a quota from the state for a free in inverted commute operation, how many doctors you need to visit and pass tests. Which doctor you come after is unknown. Quite certainly you will not get to a famous surgeon who will do everything well, most likely, you will be operated by a beginner specialist, at best - a doctor of the "average hand".

Currently, taking into account summer discounts, one-leg surgery in our center costs 47600 rubles. You will be operated on by doctors with vast experience of thousands of such interventions using the most modern equipment. After the operation, you will have access to a free annual follow-up, including all types of consultations and studies available at the clinic.

How is the laser operation in our phlebology center?

  • Currently, the modern development of technology and the experience of our clinic allows us to perform laser treatment of varicose veins in patients of ANY degree of complexity.
  • For laser surgery, no anesthesia is needed - all manipulations are performed under local anesthesia, as well as, for example, in dental treatment.
  • When laser surgery is not necessary to make cuts (in our operating room there is not even a scalpel) - all manipulations are carried out from individual skin punctures using the 18G needle.
  • After the operation, no stitches are applied (because there are no incisions) and accordingly, they do not need to be removed.
  • The time of the standard operation on the 2 legs in most cases does not exceed 2 hours.
  • You can go home IMMEDIATELY after surgery - no additional supervision is required (* there are some restrictions on driving on this day)
  • No special rehabilitation is required - the doctor will ask you to come the next day to the dressing. In the future, you visit your doctor-phlebologist through 1, 3, 6 and 12 months (* in case of any non-standard situations arising from the operation, you can come to the center for an unscheduled inspection, ask any question interesting you and get a full consultation)

The patient reads a magazine during a laser procedure

The patient reads a magazine during a laser procedure

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