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Phlebologist's consultation in Moscow. Consultation phlebologist expert level.


  1. Phlebologist consultation in Moscow
  2. Who is a phlebologist and what does he treat?
  3. Phlebologist's consultation in Moscow or what to look for
  4. The treatment methods used by our phlebologists
  5. Phlebologist consultation in Moscow - price for the service
  6. Reviews of grateful patients about the phlebologists of our center "MIFTS"
  7. Real video reviews of phlebologists in the center of Dr. Semenov A.Yu.
  8. Frequently asked questions of our patients on the Internet about phlebologist consultation
  9. Video - How is a phlebologist consulted at our MEPC Phlebology Center in Moscow

Phlebologist consultation in Moscow

The search for a competent specialist, who can be safely entrusted with his own health, is a difficult and monotonous job. But in order not to make a mistake with the choice, one should clearly understand what a professional phlebologist should be and what is his main difference from other specialists in this field. So, we will try to understand this issue.

Joint consultation of leading phlebologists "MIFTS" with ultrasound scanning of veins

Joint consultation of leading phlebologists "MIFTS" with ultrasonic scanning of veins

Who is a phlebologist and what does he treat?

A phlebologist is a surgeon, general surgeon or vascular surgeon who is involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of venous pathology. Phlebologist expert class is difficult to find. In most cases, they are either the heads of their own specialized centers, or they have held senior positions in well-known state institutions for many years. Thus, these specialists have vast experience, as well as the ability to use the most advanced methods of hardware diagnostics and treatment of varicose veins.

Consultation phlebologist for free can be obtained at any of the state medical institutions in Moscow. Reception phlebologist in Moscow for free It is also carried out in private medical centers for voluntary medical insurance.

Phlebologist's consultation in Moscow or what to look for

Turning to a phlebologist for help, the patient relies on the most clear diagnosis. A true phlebologist uses several methods for this, each of which allows you to obtain information about the condition of the human vessels.

Consultation is conducted by the leading phlebologist of the clinic Dmitry Anatolyevich Fedorov

Consultation is conducted by the leading phlebologist of the clinic Dmitry Anatolyevich Fedorov

Among the most promising and modern research methods, expert phlebologists use:

  • Examination of the patient and collection of anamnesis. This is one of the most important and important points in phlebologist consultation. It is necessary to establish contact with the patient from the first minute, then ask about the beginning and further development of the disease. Communication between the patient and the doctor should always be. Due to extensive knowledge and experience, the phlebologist diagnoses all possible risk factors and determines the causes of the pathology.
  • Ultrasonic dopplerography. With its help, a phlebologist can assess the overall patency of the venous system. Dopplerography has only recently been the only method to diagnose the condition of the valvular apparatus of the veins of the lower limbs. Any reception of a phlebologist previously started with a Doppler study.
  • Duplex ultrasound scanning of veins. This technique gives ultrasound doctors a complete picture of the state of the circulatory system.
  • Color mapping will allow phlebologists to more fully understand the changes taking place in venous vessels in a certain area. The presence of thrombotic masses, the percentage of occlusion (closure) of the lumen of the vein, the dynamics of thrombus growth, the failure of the valvular apparatus of deep and superficial veins, and many other things that can be detected in the DCC of veins.
  • Laboratory blood tests. The level of coagulability and biochemical blood test, the state of the patient's hormonal background.

All these methods of diagnosis are conducted in our clinic during a consultation by one specialist for 30 minutes. All our doctors have certificates not only for surgery and phlebology, but also for ultrasound scanning of blood vessels. Only a set of all modern diagnostic techniques allows you to get a complete picture of the state of the patient's body. And on the basis of these data, our phlebologists prescribe the most effective treatment.

Phlebologist consultation, cost which is available in our center to each patient, in this case becomes the beginning of the return of a person to the habitual way of life and getting rid of his suffering.

The treatment methods used by our phlebologists:

To achieve the maximum effect, consultation of a vascular surgeon in Moscow should be associated with the further passage of a course of treatment from an expert expert class.

The use of modern techniques allows you to achieve consistent results in a short time.

The team of phlebologists professionals in our center

Collaboration of phlebologists of our center

Among the innovative methods of treating varicose veins, the specialists of the "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center" use such as:

  • Microsclerotherapy of vascular asterisks (telangiectases). Removal of small capillaries with very thin needles with laser sharpening, through which a sclerosing solution is introduced into the vascular network, which leads to gluing and further resorption of ugly asterisks.
  • Sclerotherapy Foam-Form. It is used to correct small diameter vessels. A special foamed solution is injected into the vein affected by varicose veins, which ensures complete closure of the vessel.
  • EVLK or laser treatment. This is a modern technique, which replaced the classical operation. The introduction of a light guide into the affected vein allows not only to control the passage of the apparatus under ultrasound through the affected vessel, but also in the right place to effectively heal the affected area of ​​the vein.
  • RFA or radiofrequency ablation. The introduction of a small catheter into the vessel allows point action on the affected area. A small working surface located at the end of the catheter as if "brews" the vein wall.

Advisory cabinet of the phlebologist "MIFTS"

Consultative office phlebologist "MIFTS"

For out-of-town patients we conduct consultation phlebologist in on-line mode. The consultation of a phlebologist surgeon online, as a rule, is not complete, but to establish a diagnosis and prescribe conservative treatment to patients, before they arrive in Moscow we can. If you need an urgent online consultation of our surgeon's doctor, then you can leave your coordinates and we will contact you.

The ability to use all of the above methods for the treatment and diagnosis of vascular disease is mandatory for expert phlebologists. This is what makes it possible to provide long-term guarantees to patients who have been treated in our center.

Phlebologist consultation in Moscow - price for the service

One of the advantages of our clinic is the price of consulting a phlebologist of expert level, it is quite affordable and affordable for any category of patients.

Ongoing service

Cost (price) of service

  • Consultation of an expert phlebologist with ultrasound scanning of the venous system of the lower extremities

  • 2900 rubles

  • Consultation of an expert phlebologist without ultrasound scanning of the venous system of the lower extremities (according to the results of another ultrasound)

  • 1600 rubles

  • On-line phlebologist expert consultation

  • is free

  • Consultation of a phlebologist after endovascular treatment in our center during 1 year

  • is free

For the convenience of our patients, we work with banks that offer credit lines. Also in our center there is a flexible system of discounts and installments. Payment by Visa and Mastercard is possible. At the end of the course treatment, the patient is issued a package of documents for submission to the tax office for tax deduction.

In the clinic "MIFTS" the price for all consultations of a phlebologist is fixed. Therefore, turning to our clinic, you get the whole range of phlebological services at prices that are displayed in the price list and are at an average level in Moscow. The affordable cost of consultation in our clinic in Moscow is a very important aspect, which we constantly remember. Therefore, from 2014 of the year we did not raise prices for phlebologists consultation. It is important to remember that the price for the lost health that you pay will then be completely different.

Reviews of grateful patients about the phlebologists of our center "MIFTS"

Recall of our patient who came to the consultation with surgeon phlebologist Semenov Artyom Yuryevich

Kontsevaya Tatyana Dmitrievna, December 17, 2018, Moscow.

Phlebologist consultation in Moscow - review of our patient

Varicose veins and "got out" veins on the left leg appeared a very long time ago. The leg began to hurt and heat in these places. It was scary - I was very afraid of “cutting”, I read about the complications after the operation. I found a laser method on the Internet. I chose the clinic for a long time. I stopped at the center of phlebology on Kolomenskaya. I definitely wanted Artem Yuryevich Semenov to do the operation, judging by the reviews, a specialist of the highest level. I made an appointment with him. While waiting for an appointment, a man came out after an operation on his own legs! I did not expect this! We talked with him, it turned out the operation was not painful. Fear slowly began to pass. At the reception, Artem Yurievich clearly explained and answered all the questions. Passed tests, consultation of a cardiologist and therapist. On the day of the operation, I was not so afraid. The operation went to the music !!! Sensitive, but not painful. Artem Yurievich commented on everything. It really reassured! After the operation, the nurse put on stockings and I went out into the corridor on my feet !!! It was necessary to circulate the blood. Walking was not painful! The next day, processing and dressing. Then an examination by a doctor during the year included in the price of the contract. Three times during this time a vein gluing agent was injected. Now there are no traces of swollen veins on the leg. Very grateful to Semenov Artem Yuryevich and his entire team for conducting the operation and after the operational adjustment! Kontsevaya Tatyana Dmitrievna, December 17, 2018, Moscow.

Recall of the patient after treatment and consultation of the surgeon of the phlebologist, Ph.D. Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich

Murzinkina M.Yu., 28.03.2018., Moscow.

Review of the phlebologist Raskin V.V.

I want to thank Dr. V.V. Ruskin for his sensitive and attentive attitude towards me. For three years, I was bothered by a feeling of heaviness in the legs and swelling of the legs. Was in the clinic at the surgeon, they said a vein removal operation is necessary. When asked what the anesthesia will be, they answered - epidural (injection into the spine). It seemed scary, but suddenly the "human factor", suddenly the hand trembles and the needle does not go there? But there is a spinal cord! Eh ma, I decided to wait. In late autumn, when the summer season was closed, she slipped on a step after the rain and hurt her left lower leg. A month later, my venous problems on this leg became sharply aggravated (a bluish swelling of the lower leg and foot appeared), even street shoes could not be worn. Go to the surgeon again? But I know that before. Immersed in the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it is possible to “turn off” a problem vein with laser sealing, and anesthetize with injections along the vein and no implantation into the spine. "Shoveled" a lot of medical centers, of course I was looking closer to my place of residence. I read about the technique of laser obliteration, reviews about doctors, pricing policy. I stopped at the medical phlebological center at Yakornaya (MIFTs) and have no regrets. After a preliminary examination, on December 28 2017 I underwent laser obliteration of a vein. Amazingly, there was no pain, and right after the “procedure” she became and went home. None of my friends and relatives knew that there were such innovative technologies for the treatment of varicose veins. Three months have passed, I successfully work, go in for swimming, Nordic walking. In general, I function normally in society. Yes, my two neighbors asked for the coordinates of this center and the doctor. Dear Vladimir Vyacheslavovich, I wish you success in your hard, noble work! Murzinkina M.Yu., 28.03.2018., Moscow.

Real video reviews of phlebologists in the center of Dr. Semenov A.Yu.

The most important thing for the doctor is the grateful patients and the reviews that they leave after the treatment! In these videos, our patients share their impressions of the MIPC Phlebology Center.

Frequently asked questions of our patients on the Internet about phlebologist consultation

Maria from Odintsovo asks: how do I know that my veins are diseased?

Dear Maria! It is possible to know reliably whether you have diseased veins at an in-person consultation with a phlebologist with an ultrasound scan. As a rule, this study allows you to get comprehensive information about the venous system.

Oleg from Novosibirsk asks: noticeable veins appear on my legs, what should I do?

Dear Oleg! If you noted that veins that previously were not present appear on your legs, this may be a sign of varicose veins. It is advisable to consult a phlebologist in the near future and act in accordance with his recommendations.

Ekaterina from Voronezh is interested in: how to prevent varicose veins in the legs?

Dear Catherine! It is impossible to completely prevent varicose veins in the legs with the current level of development of medical science. The following recommendations, after consulting our phlebologist, will help your veins stay healthy longer:

  • The correct motor mode, an adequate combination of activity and rest.
  • A complete, balanced diet.
  • The use of compression hosiery with significant loads on the legs, air travel.

The above measures will reduce the likelihood of varicose veins on the legs.

Ksenia from Nizhny Novgorod asks: veins appear on the hands, how to remove?

Dear Ksenia! If the veins on the hands are not aesthetically pleasing, as a rule, they can be completely removed with the help of compression sclerotherapy. This procedure is carried out in our center for cosmetic reasons. You can sign up to a phlebologist at any time convenient for you by phone: + 7 (495) 6416270.

Dmitry from Vologda asks: veins stand on legs, what to do?

Dear Dmitry! If veins protrude on your legs, which was previously less noticeable or was not noted at all, you need to consult a phlebologist in Moscow and do an ultrasound duplex scan of the veins of the lower extremities. It is better to do this in a specialized center, where they are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of vein pathology.

Marina from Istra asks: how to cure leg vein expansion?

Dear Marina! Today, there are innovative technologies that can cure varicose veins in the legs. Using modern techniques: laser obliteration, miniflebectomy, sclerotherapy, you can quickly and painlessly get rid of varicose veins. It takes time, like a visit to the dentist.

Cyril from Tula is interested in: how to check leg veins?

Dear Cyril! You can reliably check the veins on the legs using ultrasound scanning. It should be borne in mind that the technique is operator dependent, and research should only be done by an experienced specialist phlebologist. How to treat veins when a pathology is detected.

Video - How is a phlebologist consulted at our MEPC Phlebology Center in Moscow

In this video clip you can see what a phlebologist’s consultation is in Moscow, how it goes, what a phlebologist should do during a consultation: