Myths and realities of phlebology

The significant, if not global, spread of venous system diseases in modern European society has led to the isolation and development of a separate field of surgery, phlebology. In our country, this section of medical science appeared somewhat later than in Western Europe and North America. The stiff centralization and rigidity of the Soviet health care system, as well as the economic and social problems of the 90s affected it. For a considerable period of time, insufficient attention was paid to patients with varicose veins by the professional medical community. The 80-90s of the last century generally marked the emergence of a great many healers, healers and other representatives of alternative medicine. A large number of patients with varicose veins and the lack of a clear position of state medicine on the tactics of their management led to the appearance of many speculations on this soil. Today, on the threshold of the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century. Nevertheless, many misconceptions, multiplied and replicated both by representatives of the professional medical community, and simply by charlatans, continue to live.