Apple cider vinegar treatment for varicose veins


  1. Vinegar treatment - "magic" getting rid of varicose veins
  2. What is apple cider vinegar?
  3. Patient questions for the treatment of varicose apple cider vinegar

Vinegar treatment - "magic" getting rid of varicose veins


Information on the treatment of varicose veins with vinegar as a simple and affordable way to stop the disease and prevent the development of complications can be found on a number of online Internet resources. The treatment of varicose veins with apple cider vinegar with the help of external and internal use is revealed as a wonderful way to get rid of a long illness, prevent it and even eliminate vascular asterisks.

Varicose Vinegar Treatment

Varicose Vinegar Treatment


What is apple cider vinegar?


To quickly dot the i's, let's figure out what apple cider vinegar is. Apple cider vinegar is a good food product that is a collection of organic acids, inorganic molecules and enzymes. None of the components, both individually and collectively, has a significant effect on both varicose veins and symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. The lack of a positive effect does not mean that apple cider vinegar has no effect on varicose veins.

"Miraculous" apple cider vinegar!

"Miraculous" apple cider vinegar!


When trying to treat varicose veins with apple cider vinegar, you may encounter the irritating effect of organic acids in the composition of the food product. This may not have the most pleasant consequences, especially in the presence of inflammatory phenomena in the skin of the lower extremities.

Be wiser, do not trust charlatans and be treated by trusted specialists.


Patient questions for the treatment of varicose apple cider vinegar


I read on the internet that apple cider vinegar can help with varicose veins. Is it so?

Dear Olga! A good effect for the treatment of varicose veins from the effects of apple cider vinegar, both with contact use and eating, was not noted. Do not believe everything that is published on the Internet, it is better to be examined and treated by good specialists.

If applying a compress with apple cider vinegar to an ulcer with varicose veins, will it benefit?

Dear Antonina! Using apple cider vinegar to treat venous trophic ulcers is not a good idea. I'm afraid you will only harm yourself and the ulcer will definitely not heal. Contact a good specialist phlebologist, do an ultrasound examination of the veins of the lower extremities, this will be the best solution.

What effect does apple cider vinegar have on varicose veins?

Dear Valentine! Apple cider vinegar has no positive effect on varicose veins. Organic acids contained in vinegar have an irritating effect on the skin and can provoke an inflammatory reaction.

I have varicose veins for a long time, my legs are buzzing, my acquaintances advised lotions with apple cider vinegar. Do you think it will help?

Dear Tamara! You need to contact a specialist phlebologist, he will explain in detail the clinical situation and prescribe modern treatment. Lotions with apple cider vinegar will not help here.

What is the best folk remedy for varicose veins, maybe apple cider vinegar?

Dear Eugene! Folk remedies for the most part are absolutely useless in the treatment of varicose veins and often lead to complications. Regarding apple cider vinegar, this is a good food product, and no more. It is not suitable for the treatment of varicose veins.