Why treat varicose veins if varicose veins appear again


  1. Why do varicose veins reappear?
  2. Indeed, veins may appear after removal, so why eliminate them.
  3. So is it worth it or not to remove varicose veins?
  4. Patient questions about the appearance of new veins after treatment 

Why do varicose veins reappear?


Varicose disease refers to chronic progressive pathologies. Even the most modern treatment does not guarantee that new varicose veins do not appear again, after years. In this case, why bother with the treatment of varicose veins? Does that make sense? When a person has caries and a tooth starts to hurt, for some reason no one doubts that it is necessary to visit a dentist and solve the problem. In the absence of treatment, the pain will intensify, inflammation of the surrounding tissues will appear, which will lead to rather serious complications. Therefore, the patient is recorded with the doctor and he is treated accordingly. However, no doctor can guarantee that tooth decay will not appear on other teeth.

Varicose disease is rarely manifested by pain, the symptoms increase gradually, sometimes over a period of years. Many people get used to the presence of edema, then get used to the fact that the skin began to darken. An ulcer appears, chronic visits to the surgeon of the clinic, dressings with an indistinct effect begin.

Trophic ulcer with untreated varicose veins

Trophic ulcer with untreated varicose veins


And the main problem, varicose veins, is treated at best with the help of tablets and compression. In addition to the problems associated with trophic disorders, there are thromboembolic complications, which can be even more dangerous. Strange, but thrombophlebitis that arose against the background of varicose veins is perceived by some doctors of state medical institutions as something force majeure and unlikely. The fact that the patient has not received adequate treatment for varicose veins for several years does not bother anyone.


Indeed, veins can appear after removal, so why remove them


In addition, the existing varicose veins are not only the cause of various complications of varicose veins, but also a significant factor in the destruction of healthy veins.

You can wait until such huge veins appear

You can wait until such huge veins appear


Venous vessels are a system of interconnected tubes filled with blood. When the blood flow slows down, the pathological volume is formed in a certain segment of the venous channel, nearby vessels are inevitably involved in the process. This is one of the mechanisms of progression of varicose veins.


So is it worth it or not to remove varicose veins?


Varicose vein is not a tooth affected by caries, and will not hurt so much. Complications of varicose veins develop slowly and gradually. From this, they do not become less unpleasant and dangerous. A good treatment for varicose veins is timely treatment, before the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency and thrombosis appear.

A good treatment result for varicose veins without waiting for complications

A good treatment result for varicose veins without waiting for complications


Patient questions about the appearance of new veins after treatment


What to do if new varicose veins appear 5 years after the operation?

Dear Nina! Varicose veins are a chronic, recurrent pathology. Often, years after removal, new varicose veins appear. Varicose veins must be repaired. At the Moscow City Center for Phlebology, we use innovative endovascular procedures for this, which not only minimizes trauma, but also reduces the number of relapses.

My mom had veins removed in her right leg, can relapse occur?

Dear Elizabeth! Unfortunately, even a good innovative treatment does not insure against the appearance of new varicose veins. As a rule, after the modern treatment of varicose veins, the patient forgets about new veins for the next few years.

I was diagnosed with varicose veins, the doctor in the state polyclinic did not recommend removing veins, as new ones will appear. What do you recommend?

Dear Michael! Varicose disease requires timely adequate treatment, otherwise complications are inevitable. New veins may appear in a few years, even after modern treatment. However, this is not a reason to postpone it.

Can you guarantee that new varicose veins will not appear in your center after treatment?

Dear Ulyana! Specialists of the Moscow City Phlebology Center "MIFC" can guarantee you modern treatment of varicose veins according to the best European standards. After treatment in our center, you can forget about the symptoms of varicose veins for many years. New varicose veins may appear over time. This process can be influenced by correcting lifestyle and nutrition, periodic use of compression hosiery. No modern phlebologist is able to give a 100% guarantee against varicose veins in the future.  

Is there a way to treat varicose veins today once and for all?

Dear Victoria! Modern medicine does not have such a method for treating varicose veins, as in the treatment of so many pathologies. European innovative methods of varicose veins can save you from varicose veins and the complications associated with it for many years, but not forever. At least for now.