Kulikova Lyudmila

Warm words of gratitude to the doctor Semenov Artyom Yuryevich!


I would like to express my warmest words of gratitude to the doctor Artem Yurievich Semenov. A qualified doctor who understands and knows his job. A very competent, wonderful and just a good person. I turned to Artyom Yuryevich when my leg was already in a deplorable state, non-healing ulcers all over the lower leg of my right leg, sleepless nights, pain, which I didn’t have to smear my leg with, use German bandages, nothing helped, and fear interfered with the operation. What a blessing that I got to Artem Yuryevich. From the first visit, I immediately realized that I was in good hands, and the doctor agreed to perform an operation on me using a new innovative technique. In 1,5 hours we coped with the problem of my 10 years, thanks to the golden hands of Artem Yuryevich. The ulcers are slowly healing, I can now sleep. Thank you again and many thanks to Artem Yuryevich and his entire team of specialists. I hope for a final recovery and will recommend the CAREFUL and RESPONSIBLE doctor Artem Yuryevich Semenov, the pleasant atmosphere of the clinic, the polite attitude of the administrator Tatyana Efimova. Thank you for your kind and sensitive attitude towards people! Sincerely, Kulikova Lyudmila, Moscow.

Thanks to the doctor Semenov Artyom Yuryevich


Kulikova Lyudmila
December 22 2019