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  3. Sunday, June 14 2020, 08: 40 AM
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Hello! For many years I have had such a problem - there are white subcutaneous spots on my legs to the knees and on my arms to the elbows, which disappear for a moment when rubbed and then reappear. There is no physical discomfort, only aesthetically. However, in summer they are seen brighter on tanned skin, and in hot weather, heaviness in the legs is added, especially in the morning after sleep. There is no edema. There are no visible vein problems. I am 37 years old, weight 57 kg, height 173. Fitness a couple of times a week, I drink at least a liter of water a day. Vegetables every day. I eat sweet things in moderation. During pregnancy and childbirth, there were no problems at all, only the VSD was put. During childbirth, a decent crap got out, but passed. There are relapses sometimes, I treat with candles. The blood pressure is stable 60/100. Doctors don't diagnose me with these spots. Is this some kind of my peculiarity or is it all such a disease and we can cope with it?
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Good day!
It is unlikely that the problem is with the veins. I recommend that you consult a rheumatologist.
Sincerely, Artem Yurevich.
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