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  3. Friday, February 09 2018, 09: 14 PM
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Artem Yuryevich, good evening!
Whether prompt please is possible or probable treatment in your center and rough cost- "the deforming Osteoarthrosis of the knee joints, the left frontal joint. The varicose disease of the lower extremities", at the patient ulcers are already beginning to open.
I really look forward to your reply, in advance, many thanks!
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Hello! Our center treats varicose disease of any degree of complexity, exceptions are not patients with neglected forms of chronic venous insufficiency (including the presence of an open trophic venous ulcer). The pathology of the joints of the lower extremities, depending on the functional insufficiency, somewhat changes the management of the postoperative period, but does not prevent the successful elimination of varicose veins. The cost, as well as the volume, of treatment is determined after a full-time consultation of a specialist with ultrasound examination of the veins of the lower extremities.
You can register for a consultation with the specialists of our center at a time convenient for you by phone: 8 (495) 6416270.
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