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  3. Friday December 07 2018, 05: 03 PM
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Hello, please tell me, they did sclerotherapy at the Tula Phlebology Center, the doctor punctured a vein, the sclerosant got under the skin, and necrosis formed. The crust came down and I saw a very deep wound. It is simply terrified by what the scar will be. I don’t know whether it is necessary to wash the wound with something, or so it will grow over. Tell me what to do? Somehow you can remove the scars, because I went for beauty, but it turned out the other way around.
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Good afternoon! Dear Olga, unfortunately, skin necrosis after sclerotherapy is possible, although it is quite rare in the experienced hands of a phlebologist. An open wound must be treated under full-time supervision of a specialist and giving recommendations in this format is not entirely correct. If you do not have a tendency to form hypertrophic and keloid scars, then the scar will be barely noticeable.
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