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Hello, Artem Yuryevich.
For 4 of the year, my legs (calves) swell, they increase in volume, become heavier; in the evening. If at least sometimes they move and change the position of the body in a sitting state during the day, the swelling is weaker; but they can start breaking eggs if I go quickly after work. I visited a phlebologist 2 a year ago, he said "veins are in good condition," and recommended a more mobile way of life (a sedentary office job - I am an accountant). Six months ago, major problems with hemorrhoids began; as a result, a venous blood clot was removed (according to the doctor). Now the second exacerbation has gone from the fifth point, although everything is normal with the toilet. There are no tangible results from Venarus or Detralex (they do not help either legs or the fifth point). On the paternal side, my grandmother had varicose veins and the so-called "elephantiasis" of the lower extremities (everything is fine with proportions), my mother had very large problems with the fifth point. Tell me, can these things somehow be connected and what would you advise in my case?
Height - 165cm, Weight - 53kg; not married, no regular intimate life, no children.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Good day! Problems of the veins of the lower extremities and hemorrhoids are often combined. There are two main reasons for this:
• There is congenital, genetically determined, weakness of the venous wall. Hemorrhoidal sinuses are a type of venous network.
• A sedentary lifestyle, with a predominance of a long static position, is an excellent soil for the development of both venous pathology of the lower extremities and hemorrhoids.
Regarding hemorrhoids, you need to be observed by a good proctologist, follow a diet that necessarily includes sufficient fiber, limiting fatty and spicy foods.
It is quite difficult to adequately assess the condition of the veins of the lower extremities, based on your description. Believe me, the assumptions that ask for the language to sound a thankless and not very useful thing, especially for you. If the phlebologist consulted for about two years, then there is a significant probability that many, including fundamental changes in veins for medical tactics have already occurred.
In your case, I would advise:
1) Perform a qualitative ultrasound examination of the veins of the lower extremities with the advice of a competent phlebologist (most practicing phlebologists perform ultrasound on their own). Specialists of our center specifically understand not only vein pathology, but also related pathologies, lymphedema (elephantiasis is its extreme manifestation), lipids, and others. For consultation in our center, you can make an appointment by phone at a convenient time for you: + 7 (495) 641-62-70.
2) Purchase in an appropriate specialized salon and use at work high-quality compression knitwear 2 compression class (23-32 mm Hg). In your case, both stockings and knee-highs will do. This measure will improve the functioning of the venous system during the working day. Do not expect the effect of very cheap knitwear. Therefore, I do not recommend buying it at a regular pharmacy.
3) Gradually increase physical activity on the legs. The easiest thing is walking at an accelerated pace. Probably for you will be more comfortable and optimal for the first time walking in compression hosiery. I want to clarify that our legs have their own “heart”. This is a complex of veins and muscles of the lower leg, called the venous-muscle pump (pump) of the lower leg. When this structure is inactive, an adequate outflow of blood does not occur. In other words, the muscular-venous pump of the lower leg must work, and not atrophy from inaction. Long sedentary work, lack of movements - this is a direct path to problems with n / a veins, and further, they will only progressively increase.
An adequate motor regimen will have a positive effect not only on the venous system of the lower extremities, but also on the problem of hemorrhoids.
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