Stiffness in the legs


  1. Causes of Stiffness in the Legs

  2. How to overcome stiffness in the legs with venous pathology?

  3. Frequently asked questions about leg stiffness

Causes of Stiffness in the Legs


Stiffness in the legs, leading to disruption of habitual motor activity, is familiar to many.

Stiffness in the legs

Stiffness in the legs


Physiological physical activity is an integral and necessary part of any person's life. Physical inactivity in itself is a factor in the development of a number of diseases. Decreased physical activity leads to the following undesirable phenomena:

  • Disruption of the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Obesity.
  • Muscle atrophy.
  • Creates the basis for the development of osteoarticular pathology.
  • Changes in hormonal levels.

Stiffness in the legs can be associated with many reasons, each of which requires a specialized and competent approach. The most common cause of leg stiffness in young and active people is venous disease. If the normal outflow of blood from the lower extremities is disturbed, stagnant processes develop in the legs. Swelling and bursting sensations, pain accompany the symptom of stiffness in the legs. Obviously, the above-described sensations will have an extremely negative effect on motor activity.

How to overcome stiffness in the legs with venous pathology?


The symptoms of varicose veins develop, in most cases, gradually. At the initial stages, when there is still no organic lesion of the main venous vessels, venotonics and compression hosiery can have a good effect. At later stages, when stiffness in the legs is already associated with a persistent violation of the valve function of the venous vessels, radical interventions will be required. The latter consists in turning off the affected veins from the bloodstream. In any case, it is necessary to deal with stiffness in the legs with the help of a specialist. Today in Moscow it is better to go to a phlebologist at a good phlebological center. Here you will be given a detailed diagnosis of the venous system and will determine the tactical approach in your specific case. Of course, many patients who have leg stiffness have a different approach. Patients go to a public hospital to see a surgeon or self-medicate. Very often this approach turns out to be ineffective. It should be understood that compression and venotonics have a good effect, but more often even they cannot prevent the development of complications of varicose veins, if any.

Lower limb stiffness

Lower limb stiffness


Modern treatment of varicose veins does not require much time, is not associated with pain and complications of conventional operations. The innovative treatment solves the problem of stiffness in the legs quickly, comfortably and effectively.

Frequently asked questions about leg stiffness


Why is there stiffness in the legs with varicose veins?

Stiffness in the legs with varicose veins occurs due to the development of stagnation of venous blood in dilated and non-functioning venous vessels.

Is it possible to get rid of stiffness in the legs?

You can get rid of stiffness in your legs. It is necessary to find out the cause of the stiffness in the lower limbs. To do this, you need to seek advice from specialized specialists: phlebologist and orthopedist. After the performed diagnostic measures, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What diseases can cause stiffness in your legs?

In most cases, stiffness in the legs is caused by diseases of the veins and musculoskeletal system. Also, stiffness in the lower limbs can be caused by neurological diseases.

How to treat stiff legs?

If the stiffness in the legs is caused by a pathology of the veins, you need to contact a good phlebology center. After the diagnosis, the doctor (phlebologist) will prescribe the necessary treatment. Modern methods of treating varicose veins allow you to eliminate all the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency without interrupting your usual life.

How to avoid stiffness in your legs?

To avoid the appearance of such a symptom as stiffness in the legs, it is necessary to seek professional medical help promptly. When the first signs of stiffness appear in the legs, you need to visit a doctor, a phlebologist and an orthopedist. Based on the cause of the stiffness in the lower extremities, the necessary treatment will be prescribed. This will keep the legs healthy for years to come.