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Advisory reception is conducted by the head of the Tver branch "MIFC" (Moscow)

Prutensky Andrey Alekseevich - surgeon-phlebologist, endovascular and aesthetic phlebologist, expert doctor in ultrasound diagnostics of veins of the lower extremities. 

Full member "Association of Phlebologists of Russia" (AFR),  "National College of Phlebologists" (NKF) and "Russian Society of Surgeons" (ROH).

Phlebology Center in Tver


Tver is a regional center located between two capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg. The proximity of these megalopolises in many ways negatively affected the Tver healthcare. The outflow of qualified personnel, the lack of expensive specialized equipment in the state medical institutions of Tver, the queues for surgical treatment, the fragmentation of the diagnostic and treatment stages are facts that cannot be denied. Our task is to provide the population of Tver and the Tver region with high-quality modern phlebological care - at the level of world standards. We work in a full cycle: diagnostics - treatment - dynamic observation - in the same hands. A patient who turns to us for help can be sure that he will not be transferred “to an outpatient stage” to another specialist. We ourselves do an ultrasound of veins, because we are sure that the correct diagnosis is the key to the success of the treatment. We provide all types of assistance - consultative, medical (including a wide range of operations, sclerotherapy and laser treatment of varicose veins), dispensary observation. We give a guarantee for all our activities.

Tver Innovation Phlebological Center


Working on the basis of the well-equipped multidisciplinary hospital "Doctor Fomin's Clinic LLC", which consists of a polyclinic equipped with modern equipment and a round-the-clock hospital with three operating units, allows us to treat patients of any complexity. Of course, the overwhelming majority of patients visiting a phlebologist do not require hospitalization, anesthesia, or spinal anesthesia. However, the ability to work in operating rooms equipped for large complex operations with the support of the anesthesia team (if necessary) is a criterion for the safety and care of the patient's health.

Modern operating room at our phlebology center in Tver

Modern operating room at our phlebology center in Tver


The use of modern ultrasound scanners optimized for work on vessels and invasive interventions under ultrasound control, such as eSaote MyLab One, has made it possible to improve the quality of diagnostics by an order of magnitude and make it possible to conduct non-surgical modern methods of treating varicose veins, such as laser coagulation (obliteration) of varicose veins. and echo-guided sclerotherapy. It should be noted that all our doctors have undergone professional retraining in the specialty "ultrasound diagnostics doctor" and are experts in venous pathology of the lower extremities.

We are for modern evidence-based phlebology!


We believe that most of the interventions on varicose veins can and should be performed without hospitalization in a hospital, as well as without anesthesia and spinal anesthesia. And sometimes - and without interruption from production, that is - without getting sick leave. For this, modern safe technologies should be used, such as EVLO (endovasal laser obliteration of varicose veins), as well as non-tumescent non-thermal methods of vein obliteration.

Laser treatment of varicose veins in Tver


One of the most gentle and modern methods of treating varicose veins is laser obliteration (coagulation) of varicose veins. In fact, it is not even an operation, since the surgeon does not make a single incision. A thin laser light guide is inserted under the control of ultrasound through a puncture of the skin into the varicose vein, after which tumescent anesthesia is performed, which combines anesthesia and protection of the surrounding tissues from overheating. As the anesthesia is done, the vein is coagulated (welded) by slowly pulling a working light guide connected to a laser generator. Surprisingly, the patient does not experience any pain or any other unpleasant sensations. The coagulated vein is closed, and after a period of about 6 months, it is completely absorbed. The procedure for laser coagulation ends with the dressing of medical compression hosiery and an hour's walk. This is exactly how - from the operating room - for a walk and - to the patient's usual life. At home, not in the hospital.

Joint work of the team of phlebologists Semenov A.Yu., Prutensky A.A. and Kalacheva I.I.

Joint work of the team of phlebologists Semenov A.Yu., Prutensky A.A. and Kalacheva I.I.


In December 2018, an agreement was signed between the Tver branch of the network of multidisciplinary medical clinics of Doctor Fomin's Clinic LLC and the Innovative Phlebological Center "MIFC" under the leadership of Semenov A.Yu. on joint activities in the field of innovative phlebological assistance to residents of the Tver region. As a result, residents of the Tver region receive high-tech medical care for various venous pathologies of the lower extremities directly in Tver.

Why it is better to be treated in our modern phlebology clinic in Tver


Leading phlebologists of the city of Moscow and Tver on the basis of the multidisciplinary medical center LLC "Clinic of Doctor Fomin" (st. Spartak, 42a) conduct:

  • modern ultrasound diagnostics of veins of the lower extremities for varicose veins and venous thromboses,
  • advisory activity - on the choice of optimal tactics for the treatment of varicose veins
  • treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities.

Consultation of surgeon of the phlebologist Prutensky Andrey Alekseevich in Tver

Consultation of surgeon of the phlebologist Prutensky Andrey Alekseevich in Tver


We apply the most advanced technologies for the treatment of varicose veins:


  • endovasal (intravascular) laser coagulation of varicose veins - according to German Biolitec technology;
  • non-thermal methods of vein obliteration.

In addition to laser treatment of varicose veins, we pay a lot of attention to sclerobliteration of varicose veins and "spider veins". The essence of the sclerotherapy method consists in the introduction of a sclerosant substance into the varicose vein, which evenly fills the lumen of the vein, followed by the imposition of compression hosiery. As a result of the effect of the sclerosant on the inner surface of the vein wall and the effect of compression, the vein is "sealed" and, subsequently, is completely absorbed. Compression therapy using professional elastic knitwear (selected by a specialist!) Is an obligatory component of sclerotherapy. We use Ethoxysclerol and Fibrowain as sclerosants, as well as, for special indications (for vascular "stars") - ozone.

Sclerotherapy - removal of vascular "stars" in Tver

Sclerotherapy - removal of vascular "stars" in Tver


We use both liquid sclerotherapy and foam, when the sclerosant is previously foamed and then injected into the lumen of the varicose vein. It has been noticed that the foam acts more effectively than the liquid form of the sclerosant. Sclerotherapy is a painless, safe and extremely effective method of treating varicose veins - from cosmetic defects to advanced varicose veins. The sclerotherapy technique has many nuances and execution techniques. All of them are in service with us. We carry out sclerotherapy both under visual control and with the use of special equipment for detecting veins - a venovisor, as well as ultrasound equipment - for ECHO-sclerobliteration of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy has shown itself to be the best in aesthetic phlebology - to eliminate "spider veins".

Modern imaging devices for varicose veins

Modern imaging devices for varicose veins


It is extremely important to understand that the value of any method of diagnosis and treatment in practice depends entirely on the qualifications of a specialist. Clinic of Doctor Fomin LLC employs Moscow phlebologists from "Medical Innovation Center of Phlebology", through the hands of which for thousands of patients for many years.

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