Diseases of the veins of the lower extremities

Modern European society, successfully overcoming the post-industrialization stage, is gradually becoming informational. The latest technology is playing an increasingly large role in the life of mankind. Physiological motor activity, which has been an integral part of the life of our ancestors for thousands of years, is being relegated to the background. Despite the replacement in the form of popularization of fitness, a healthy lifestyle, the motor activity of most of the world's population is steadily declining. Hypodynamia has become the standard of life of modern European man. This is perhaps the most important reason why venous pathology has become so widespread in modern European society. Leading European experts even talk about a kind of pandemic of vein diseases. But the era of high technology development has led to the emergence of new methods and methods for treating venous pathology, varicose veins, in particular. A modern approach to vein diseases is competent prevention and innovative treatment. This approach provides a reduction in the incidence of venous pathology and allows you to eliminate a problem that has already appeared quickly and effectively.